10 Session Journey

You will begin your journey with a single deep dive session via either Zoom (or) in person if East Texas local. The purpose of a deep dive is to identify what the prevailing issues and even begin to do some detective work on subconscious patterns that may or may not be known yet. If the rapport of a first session resonates with both you and the Coach, then usual recommendation will be for client to purchase a 10 Session Journey which consists of 10 80 minute sessions with Scott. Unlike traditional counseling, Scott is incredibly proactive and frequently many aspects of rapid healing include processing that is start to finish once identified. This means, get your work done as soon as possible.

Meaning….that a proactive coach has no interest in being your counselor half a year to 2 years down the road. Our job is to get you where you don’t need us as soon as physically possible through a combination of discovery, conditioning, processing, and proactive strategy. Therefore it is encouraged to either double up sessions to get more done quickly or potentially attend an intensive immersive event for dramatic short term shifting of everything from generational, to childhood, to past relationship emotional conditionings and traumas. The cost of 10 sessions is $250 each session for a total of $2500. A client should first attend a deep dive session, get familiar and comfortable with the transformation coach and then apply if there is time availability. Not everyone is a match, and the number one reason is we ask clients to play full out, invest in themselves, and commit to the process. If you want to play small, continue conditioned patterns that aren’t serving you and won’t create you best life? then we aren’t the Coaching for you.

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