Intensive Immersion

Instead of 10 weeks of weekly session or less, sometimes life requires that you process as much as you can as soon as you can. Frequently in the exploration of trauma, sessions are too short and just as clients begin to drop down into a processing state of being, it’s time to safely wrap all that back up and oh yeah, “see ya next week”. Once this process has begun (opening trauma exploration)  frequently we now have an individual that has just cracked themselves open in various degrees. During this process there can be some big heavy pieces that are now floating around with sharp edges (that’s a metaphor). A client not only needs to educate their environment that they are doing this work, it sometimes much more ethical to complete the work as quickly as possible. That is why if and when a client desires and is willing to invest in themselves we offer 3 day intensives for an individual and when available group immersion intensives organized by gender.

The basics are we create a really safe space and everything begins with a client understanding the rules of safety for their benefit and aspects of control. We always want to make sure a client has total control even as we are challenging them to grow. Once we’ve cleared these foundations there is some ground work on the mechanisms but as soon as we can, we begin a process of mindful inquiry to discover what’s working, what’s not working and what’s next? A common occurrence is detective work that identifies past trauma and/or emotional conditionings that need to be processed. So we begin introducing variations of somatic processing. This is often a detective dance with the individual or energy of the group to find out which particular method or stroke is their most successful way of swimming in these waters. That also was a metaphor 🙂

The we  process, process, process, and then rest

We process, process, process, and then rest

Then we measure again, detective work again.

then we process, process, process rest

At some point we move through the energy and dynamics of the 12 stages of healing (not to be confused with the 12 step program).

The result is a radical shifting in the felt sense of the Autonomic System. Many if not all experience a profound shift in their balance because the body has been holding these defense mechanisms for sometimes our entire lives. Our goal is to melt defense mechanisms and regain the energy they have been using as we down regulate into a state of FLOW (a state where it takes little to no effort for us to be us).

its hard to put into words, let alone an online brochure but one client expressed it this way:

“It was the first time I no longer felt any conflicts within myself”

‘There was a freshness of the chest, I felt free, finally finally free inside myself!”


If you are interested in information, everyone begins with a deep dive session. This is the path through discovery to transformation and finally awakening to your authentic you!

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