A Somatic Processing Group meeting Tuesday evenings @ Hopson Chiropractic after hours waiting room.



Tuesdays 6:30 -8:30PM


1404 Rice Rd Ste 400, Tyler, TX 75703


Scott Martin


This is an open GROUP designed to catch whatever shows up that week. Additional groups that travel together for extended design will be created with demand. If you are suffering, we want to introduce you to methods of relief now.

Topics include: 

Mindfulness; Body based trauma processing

(EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing; Focusing

(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique; Sedona Method

(SRI) Somato Respiratory Integration, (TRE) Trauma Releasing Exercises

Human Needs Psychology; Strategic Intervention Transformation Coaching

Join Mindfulness Instructor, Trauma Specialist, and Transformation Coach, Scott Martin, LPC, LMT as he facilitates a safe group environment to explore processing of stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, anger as they show up in our relationships with self, others, and our lives especially as the remnants and symptoms of past mental/emotion traumas.

A group can be great place to create safety and normalize what we are going through and how we are experiencing suffering in our lives. Come connect with others in the powerful dynamic of a group while also being guided through proactive methods on how to process and shift the FELT sense of suffering.


(903) 258-3166     (or) info@etsrc.org

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