Frequently Asked Questions

  • The program consists of 8 weekly class sessions, and a Day of Mindfulness- where all of the classes in that cycle meet to practice all manner of variations taught up to this point.
  • The main focus of the program is introducing participants to; mindfulness meditation, body awareness, yoga, and mindful movement- and apply it to reducing your stress and improving your health.
  • You are asked to do home practice- i.e. meditating on your own, daily, and reading from the workbook between the class sessions.
  • You are provided a workbook, handouts, and CDs to help you with the home practice.

We run four “cycles” during the calendar year- Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The number of Stress reduction programs varies with each cycle, but we will typically offer at least one Stress Reduction class per cycle. To make classes as accessible as possible we make every effort to offer classes in the evenings.

Advanced registration, paid in full, is required for all East Texas Stress Reduction Clinic programs.  Your space in the class is not reserved until we have received both your application and full program fee or financial agreement if paying out.

Classes can fill very quickly and it is not recommended to wait to apply if you are interested in taking a class.  If you submit your application form and discover your desired class is already full, you will be contacted to let you know about next availability of other classes.  If your schedule only allows you to opt for a specific class, request to be put on the wait list.  If a seat opens up it will be filled from the wait list in the order interest was received.

The MBSR program is $350 ( tuition + materials) payment options are available

The MBSR program is considered an educational program, and is not eligible for insurance coverage from most companies.

Individuals who are referred to the program by their doctor may be able to file for reimbursement, but it is up to you to negotiate with your insurance company.

What about financial aid? Our philosophy is that the skills taught in the MBSR Program are of benefit to everyone. For that reason, the program has a Financial Aid program that enables you to learn MBSR skills and use them in your daily life, regardless of socio-economic status.

We ask applicants to be able to contribute a minimum of 50% of the course fee to be eligible for financial aid so that we may provide assistance to as many individuals as we can.

Currently when a course is scheduled the MBSR program is meeting on Wednesday night from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Due to existing stipulations such as rent and scheduling, no refunds are available.

For the group dynamics and learning environment necessary for the program to work, a certain number of participants are required.  It may happen that a particular class does not meet that requirement, and we must cancel the class prior to its start.  Notification to registered students will be made of a cancelled class at least three business days prior to the first day of class.  If your class is cancelled due to under enrollment, you will receive a full refund.

Yes.  But if you know in advance of the orientation that you must miss more than 2 classes, we recommend that you consider waiting to taking the class at another time. if a client misses 2 or more classes (or) the all day, no certificate of completion will be given as the participant has not actually completed the program.

In case of severe weather or the threat of severe weather, please call the MBSR Program office at 903-258-3166 for information regarding classes on bad weather days. We will make every effort to update schedule by 9 am on the affected day.

If your class materials are lost or stolen, you may obtain replacements via the following methods:

  • Workbook – send an e-mail requesting a replacement workbook to: Your replacement order will be confirmed via e-mail with the total amount due and you will be given further instructions for processing your materials replacement fee.  Fee: $40 (includes shipping)
  • Guided meditation CDs- You may purchase a replacement set or purchase the individual CDs individually.  These can be purchased through your instructor.

The Day of Mindfulness is a Saturday session somewhere near the end of your MBSR course (see your class schedule for the specific date). It is a full day of mindfulness practice where all of the mindfulness classes in that cycle come together for this experience. Alumni from past classes are also invited to attend. You will receive more specific information about the Day of Mindfulness in your class.

Although preregistration is not required for the Day of Mindfulness, we ask and strongly encourage anyone with special needs or health challenges to alert us well in advance of attending the day, so that we might be aware of you, and so we can plan together the safest and most comfortable ways to support you, and to include you in the day’s activities.

Information on our instructors can be found here.

The instructors will work with you and help you find another posture. The yoga is very gentle and its main focus is on stretching and awareness of the breath.

All kinds. People who want to learn about mediation, people who are stressed out, people with various physical conditions.

Generally 10-40.

No. The stress reduction program is not appropriate for young children or adolescents. However the ETSRC is working on offering a teen program.

Yes, it is based on the stress reduction program he developed. Our instructor has been trained by the Center for Mindfulness and is qualified and allowed to teach (MBSR) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Although people bring personal issues to class, MBSR is not group therapy. It is a group learning experience, in which we focus on bringing mindfulness to problems.

No. Participants are encouraged to determine for themselves what information they choose to share with their classmates, but are not required to share anything. All information shared is confidential. Do not discuss other people’s issues outside of class.

No. The practices and techniques Jon Kabat-Zinn distilled for MBSR are designed to be neutral and approachable for all individuals, regardless of their chosen spiritual practice. People from a variety of backgrounds take this class and we ask all participants to please respect others’ spiritual practice.

While this program is not intended to be a spiritual practice, many have found that it does deepen whatever form of spirituality you practice.

  • Breath Awareness – simple focus on breath, observing thoughts without being caught up in them.
  • Body Scan – a way of discovering embodiment -what it means to live in and with your body by growing mindfulness of the sensations in the different parts and regions of your body.
  • Walking Meditation – Walking as a way of meditating.
  • Loving Kindness – Projecting feelings of friendliness and kindness towards yourself and others.
  • Choiceless awareness – a mindfulness meditation practice that deliberately does not “choose” a particular focus for attention, but instead takes a broad attentional stance that includes sounds, sights, sensations, emotions, and thoughts with equal interest.
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