A 2 Day Class 

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(14 hours CEUs – Psychologists, LPCs, Social Workers, & RNs)

Engaging the Science of Happiness…..

If you wanna be good at tennis, what do you have to do? Practice right? Well happiness and stress reduction are no different. The brain is going to do what it expects to do. Join Counselor, Stress Reduction Instructor and Transformation Coach, Scott Martin, MA as he guides participants through experiential understandings of how to transform the way you hold your reality and develop real change in both conscious and subconscious patterns.

A Power packed 2 days shifting perception of thoughts, emotions, and felt sensations in the body. This class will explore a plethora of the how and why behind the neural science of brain plasticity that address a systematic look at the relationship between pain and comfort. This is an experiential course work that includes lecture, didactic, and group learning.

Experiential Intros Include:


Examination of how to manipulate the biggest predictors of happiness

(Social Interaction & Gratitude)

Priming Happiness/ Decreasing Stress

Mindfulness Meditation, Mindful Movement, Mindful Inquiry

EmotionalFreedom Technique

Somato Respiratory Integration

The Sedona Method



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