Stress Reduction for First Responders


Stress Reduction for First Responders is a 2 day optional residential or in house program that is based on and delivers the core curriculum exercises of the MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program. The class is designed to deliver a philosophical and experiential understanding of the process and rewards of developing a mindfulness practice.

Cost: $350 in house for organization $450 for residential program at Camp Tyler

1. Initial Introductory Training Program is 2-full days.
2. Program has lecture, experiential, didactic, with group debriefing aspects.
3. Participants are encouraged to continue practice after initial training session with audio recordings daily (Mindful meditation, mindful movement, and other mindful chosen activities).

Course Content: Each session contains various components:
1. Experiential
The experiential component consists of instructional mindfulness exercises, mindful movements, and opportunities to apply mindfulness in fun adventure based activities. The object is to develop non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness and to acknowledge the importance and benefits of being completely present in whatever circumstances arise.
2. Didactic
Through lectures and discussions, participants learn how habitual reactions to stress create anxiety, depression, and illness and learn how to change their response to stress.
3. Group Debriefing
Debriefing aspects are for specific population educational support. There will be time for personal sharing and questions. Each person will have an opportunity to discuss his or her experience of the training and feedback will be taken and valued. This discussion also has a history of normalizing the pleasant or unpleasant experiential aspects of training.

Course Goals:
1. To improve participant’s ability to live with, reduce, and/or cope with stress related conditions. The program is designed to help one get the most out of life even in the midst of stress.
2. To decrease the frequency and length of medical visits to counselors, hospitals, emergency rooms, and health care professional offices. Will be particularly helpful in issues related to stress.
3. To decrease (if appropriate, possible, and agreed upon by a certified MD) the use of prescription and non-prescription medications.

4. To cultivate deeper levels of understanding and compassion in relation to one’s conditions and become more responsible and active in the management of their health. This may even reduce the physical and mental stress as a contributing factor in dis-ease.

Course Objectives – After attending the program participants will:

1. Have learned to improve their coping skills related to stress-related conditions. Participants will better manage stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. This will improve the quality of life in the workplace and at home.
2. Have learned specific mindfulness practices and mindful movement as a routine to improve the management of symptoms and quality of life.
3. Have practiced communication skills to improve relationships with colleagues, family, friends, health care providers, and the community.
4. Have an improved sense of well-being and personal life control.

Please contact us for more information about customizing a program for corporate or organizational facilities.

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