Stop Stopping


One way to reduce stress is to actually be on the path you say you want to be on.

Here are the basic steps to accomplishment:

Step One: Decide what you intend to accomplish

Step Two: Define exactly what actions it will take from you to achieve the outcome.
Step Three: Decide if you are willing to pay that price. (If you’re not willing to pay the price to get whatever you want, you’re just going to be frustrated.)
Step Four: Monitor the results of your actions and make corrections when needed.
Step Five: Continue to take the required actions and DO NOT STOP until your outcome is realized

Excerpt from Dusan Djukich’s Straight-Line Leadership.

About The Author

Scott Martin holds a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and teaches a quarterly Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class in Tyler, Texas. For more information on developing a mindfulness practice or processing emotional trauma visit


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