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East Texas Stress Reduction Clinic offers various services in stress reduction for individuals (or) organizations both in person and online formats. Counseling and Coaching services are also available with specializations in Trauma, Relationship Transformation, and Stress Reduction. We invite you to get educated as well as inspired about how many truly new clinically proven methods and therapies there are to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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The new and growing sciences of positive psychology and epigenetics have cutting edge therapies that are all proving empirically what spiritual paths have known for ages and that is that change occurs from the inside out. When you create space inside, it’s amazing how many times that creates space in your life and in the relationships around you. How you hold you dictates how you hold your reality. Perception dictates behavior. Let us show you how to condition freedom from all varieties of suffering in your life!

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Mindfully Managing Your Stress

Resource pdf: Info on practicing Mindfulness

Managing Stress Workbook

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